As a self-taught artist, this website is a way to chart my natural Evolution

as Inspirations, Knowledge & Technique is learned & applied.

          It is important to me that I was never taught the "right" way to Create.
All mediums are interesting ...
Within artistic expression there are No Rules,
No "Right" way to Express that which is kept dormant in the Subconscious. 
                    Every piece is handmade from New, Used, Found, Donated, Created, Man-made and Natural. materials. No two items are alike,
              - with the exception of paired earrings.

Love, Care, Thought, Time and Intention is put into Each and Every Piece.

Pieces are designed with Integrity in Mind,
in Hopes they will last a Lifetime and be Handed down Generations..

  The Future Holds Infinite Possibility.

LaVonne Petit aka. Killer LP aka. Dolly Percocet aka.. Mae Howe

Creating for over a decade, Dabbling in Performance art, Music, Sculpting, Painting, Stop-motion Animation, Photography, Leather Work, Jewelry Making, Sewing & Design

... and Anything that Piques my Interest! :)

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