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Welcome to the wonderful world of improving your life by supporting a local artist & sprucing up your: self, space or your friends. The more You support local artwork, handmade crafts & business the Greater the sense of Community We Create!

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Hair Flowers

Realistic Flowers made to clip onto anything you desire

Modern, Native-inspired, using a wide range of Vintage and Natural Supplies

VinMod Hats 
Original couture, vintage inspired with a twist
Jar & Vase Painting
Lasting materials to enhance plain glass of all kinds

Vinyl Sculpting
Free-hanging/wall organizers, bowls, ash trays, & decor

Sketch & Notebooks
Handbound blank books made from albums covers

Multi-function, from a wide range of materials new & old

Stone, glass, ceramic beads & quality findings, etc.

Inventive original handmade designs using a wide range of materials

Recycled, felt, and natural brooch pins
Revamped sunglasses from all Eras in different styles

Neckscarves (Infinity Scarves)
Knit/crochet warm art! An array of colors, styles, patterns

Totes & Bags
From recycled & new fabrics, customized w/ LP details
Wallets - Vinyl, felt, leather handmade wallets in a wide range of styles

Apparel - Original t-shirt & clothing designs/alterations

Handmade Candles
Dipped, Shaped, Carved, large, small, glow, and so on!

Mixed media postcards for the snail mail/small art lover

Incense Holders
Hand-carved, painted, natural, altered, drilled, etc.

Multi-Media Lighters
Pictures & drawings on new Bic lighters 

Lighter Covers & Cases
Felt, leather, fabric, vinyl, in an array of styles and colors

Coming Soon!
Books, stationary, couture/recycled fashions, planters, buttons, tattoo art…. 

Sale Section!

--------Slug Idiots

Acrylic on Vinyl
Blacklight & Glow Paint

Price $15 $10Sale +S&H

Acrylic on Vinyl
Blacklight & Glow Paint

Price $15 $10Sale +S&H

Acrylic on Vinyl
Blacklight & Glow Paint

Price $15 $10Sale +S&H

Acrylic on Vinyl
Blacklight & Glow Pain

Price $15 $10Sale +S&H

Fabric & Vinyl Bead-clasp Wallets!

*3 of 7 of the first wallet style I ever made!*
New designs on the way


Price $x.xx 

Price $x.xx

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